Spartan Rope

Ultimate Soft Shackle

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The Spartan Rope Ultimate Soft Shackle is an oversized soft shackle that provides superior strength, safety, and an extra long design, setting a new standard above traditional standard soft shackles. Each ultimate shackle is equipped with an integrated woven sleeve and an additional removable protective and reflective sleeve, engineered to withstand abrasion.

The Ultimate Soft Shackle is designed for diverse recovery scenarios. Recognizing the differences in off-road vehicle builds, particularly the absence of 2" recovery hitches, this extended-length, extra strength soft shackle offers enhanced durability and expands vehicle recovery options.

*Pictured is the comparison between our ultimate soft shackle vs the standard soft shackle options. 


Size: 9/16" x 40" Integrated Woven Sleeve

Minimum Breaking Strength: 80,000 lbs

Removable Protective and Reflective Sleeve 

Destructive Tested and Certified In The USA